North American Hydroponics is pleased to number among our customers some of the largest, and most prestigious corporations on the planet. Below are just a few of the organizations all across North America that rely on The World's Greatest Growing Machine's (tm) patented technology.

Disney World uses our systems   The Walt Disney Company's Disney World in Orlando, Fl owns more than one size of The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) Demonstrating the usefulness of our scalable design on a daily basis.  
Boston College's Agricultural Science program teaches with our systems  

Boston College has joined agricultural science programs all across America in using The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) to educate students in the most efficient food production methods available today. Agricultural Science programs at all levels, from youngsters in grade schools, through junior high, high schools, right through graduate level college programs use our state-of-the-art systems to teach students at all levels the wonders of the exciting world of hydroponics.



Disney's EPCOT Center shows the future of food production    Our systems are in continuous production at the Walt Disney Company's EPCOT Center, where you can take a ride through some of the most advanced hydroponic gardens in existence, designed to show the world how food is currently being produced and will be grown in the future.  
World's largest producer of Agricultural and Food Products's research department uses our systems  

We are proud to include Cargill, the world's largest Agricultural Science and food provider, among our customers. Cargill Research Center is the very definition of state-of-the-art in all manners of modern food production technology, and our systems are right at home.

National Aeronautice and Space Administration uses our design   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recognized the innovative design of The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm). With repeated sales to both the parent organization, as well as NASA's Space Camp, you'll know you are using the state-of-the-art system for hydroponic production. Why wait until your first trip to Mars to benifiet from our great design...own it today!  

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Here are just a few of the most recent customer
 comments on
The World's Greatest
Growing Machine (tm) systems:

"...an unbelievable growing machine.  Too good to be believed."
P. Simpson, Oklahoma City, OK
Hobbyist System

"I love my machine.  I simply can't conceive of a more productive hydroponic system."
J. Wilson, Seattle, WA
Hobbyist System

"The productivity of my closet is wonderful.  Compact, totally self-contained, and private.  It's the perfect closet system."
C. Slavicova, El Paso, TX
Mother/Closet System

"I thought your website made The World's Greatest Growing Machine sound too good to be true.  I was mistaken.  Your website doesn't do it justice!"
T. Williamson, Los Angeles, CA
Mother/Closet System

"...the neatest, slickest, most innovative design I've ever seen.  A truly great product, and aptly named!"
L. Lillienthal, Ft. Wayne, IN
Commercial System

"I'm an experienced grower, but it took using this system to see the true potential of my grow room.  I had no idea..."
W. Watson, Vancouver, WA
Commercial System

"This is the third unit I've ordered.  I couldn't be happier."
B. Popper, New York, NY
Mother/Closet and Hobbyist Systems

"I'm harvesting twice the volume of my previous systems every 47 days in my continuous harvest setup.  It's outrageous!"
D. Stitt, Salina, KS
Pro Systems

 "My Mother/Closet System has supported my mother plant for over 3 years without a hitch.  She couldn't be healthier or happier."
P. Traster, Enumclaw, WA
Mother/Closet System

"I worked in the PVC industry for years.  The quality of your PVC work is excellent...it's beautiful...the quality of construction is PERFECT.  One can tell that it was produced by craftsmen."
W. Faust, Austin, TX
Commercial System

"...a rarity these days: truth in advertising.  Nice job."
B. Dalton, Portland, OR
Hobbyist System

"...our medicinal clients benefit daily from the quality produce generated from our Pro-Systems. Without your attention to quality, we could not serve the infirm with efficacy. We appreciate your contribution to our clinic."
Dr. W. Peterson
Quad Pro-66 Systems in Continuous Harvest

"Just got up and running. Thank you so much for all your help, truly an Amazing Growing system, couldn't be more happy with my purchase !!!"
W. Brooks, Twain Harte, CA
Pro 66 System

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